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Fitness Book by a former athlete reveals secrets on How to Get Fit and Stay Fit

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Fitness Book by a former athlete reveals secrets on How to Get Fit and Stay Fit
Summary: Fitness coach and former athlete Anthony Ussery describes the secrets for getting and staying fit in an easy to understand language in his new book “The Fitness Game”

 Too many of us have experienced the frustration of losing weight after several months of hard work, only to gain it all back as soon as we relax our efforts a little. Or how about the huge let-down you feel after you’ve “already tried everything” and still don’t attain your desired shape? It’s just a matter of time before a sense of utter defeat sets in!
But renowned fitness coach Anthony Ussery says this does not have to be so. In his groundbreaking book “The Fitness Game,” Ussery teaches people how to win against fat and flab and never be conquered again.
The secret, he said, is to start by training the most important body part of all: the person’s mind. “True and permanent fitness begins by getting your mind right first,” Ussery said. He added, “It’s not just a matter of positive thinking. For fitness to be permanent, you need to reach a point where you no longer have to consciously think about fitness. Instead, your subconscious automatically directs your body and actions to bring you to your desired shape and stay there.”
In “The Fitness Game,” Ussery takes your hand and guides you to that point.
The book is a compendium of wisdom and knowledge born from over 40 years of athletic experience. Ussery’s methods and personal training have already brought success to many NFL and NBA players and other professional athletes in 12 different countries all over the world.

“I have never failed in getting my clients to reach or even surpass their fitness goals, as long as they stick with my program,” Ussery said with pride. "Now everyone has a chance to be part of my successful trainees and discover the secrets to getting fit and staying fit in my ebook “the Fitness Game.”

“The Fitness Game” is available for download at Amazon.

Anthony Ussery
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About Anthony Ussery

Anthony Ussery has been involved in physical fit arena for over 40 years. He was a professional basketball player for 5 years and a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Hand to Hand Combat Instructor and Fitness Consultant over 20 years.
 His clientele includes people at all fitness levels and range from NFL, NBA players and athletes looking to go into professional sports to high level corporate executives, military, law enforcement officers and actors and music performers. For years, he has been thinking about teaching the public my training methods but he was too busy with my professional clients. He has trained people in 12 different countries. 2 years ago he decided to stop traveling and get into training the public and he loves it.  

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