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Build with Bucky Balls any kind of structures you imagine!

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Build with Bucky Balls any kind of structures you imagine!

Build with Bucky Balls any kind of structures you imagine! It's a magnetic puzzel game with billions of combinations providing a lot of fun. Enjoy your amazing Buckball toy and increase your personal physic and geometry skills at once - the Bucky Balls are not only for adults, but also excellent as an educational teaching puzzle game for teenagers.

Buckyballs consist of 216 magnets balls, these neodym magnets give you the potential to create and reforge an unlimited number of 2D, and 3D objects! Train up you brain while you have fun! Buckyballs  are certainly an amazing mystery magnetic puzzle. It has the ability to simultaneously stimulate and drill up the two sides of your brain hemispheres - this fact makes Buckyball a more beneficial toy than most other types of puzzles. The right area of your brain is responsible for: creativeness, spatial thinking, facial recognition and visual mental imagery. As the left side of your brain is responsible for: mathematics, languages and logic skills. The Bucky ball is a modern toy you seriously need to check out.

The most available puzzles and games have a fixed goal - you have rules to solve it -  with bucky balls it's different: there are no rules, no goals - create whatever you want. Enjoy them, free your creativity and craft endless possible shapes and patterns with your own buckyball.

Short Features of a Buckyball
  • Buckyballs do consist of 216 strong magnetic balls.
  • Bucky balls stimulates and encourage creativity.
  • Buckyballs help to understand mathematics, geometry and physics.
  • Improve your personal problem solving skills with a buckyball.
  • Train up your brain while you have fun with your Buckyball.
  • With a Buckyball, you can create unlimited possible frames, shapes or platterns and 3d objects.

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