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5 Ways to Help Your High School Sports Team

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5 Ways to Help Your High School Sports Team

                      High school sports teams are almost universally underfunded and in need of help. This provides parents with a great opportunity to step in and make a difference in both the community and their children’s lives. Coaches will rarely turn down assistance from a parent that is genuinely willing to support the team, but they also typically have little time to think of tasks to assign to parents that want simply to be told what to do. It is important then for the difference-making parents to come to the coach with ideas and recommendations. So here are five ways to help your high school sports team.


This is perhaps the most important way that anyone can help a high school team of any kind. Money is always needed. Uniforms, equipment, and transportation can be expensive, and budgets get used up quickly by the smallest of necessities. This is where fundraising can make a big difference. Raising money for the team can help the students in immeasurable ways, and the parents behind the fundraising become invaluable in the coach’s eyes. Find out more sports fundraising ideas.

Offering to be a Scorekeeper

Most sports require some kind of scorekeeping, and more often than not this is a volunteer position. This job requires only a good knowledge of the sport’s rules and an understanding of basic math. With those skills in place, nearly any parent can help out in this capacity.

Running Concession Stands

Concessions provide extra money for most sports teams, but someone needs to run those stands for the money to come in. Unless you want the coach to be serving hotdogs instead of leading the team to victory, then a parent needs to step up to run the stands. This can be a great opportunity to get to know the other parents, and the sacrifice goes a long way.

Collecting Equipment

Equipment costs money, and losing it is a waste of team resources. Unfortunately many high school students have a hard time understanding how valuable sports equipment really is. The parents who collect equipment at the end of games and at the end of the season are a real help to the coach and team.

Arranging Transportation

Some high school sports teams are large enough to warrant buses, but buses are often too expensive for smaller teams. Many times arranging carpools for games is a necessity, and this can be a great way for parents to volunteer. Someone needs to find parents who are willing to drive, collect the insurance information, and coordinate the effort when game day arrives.

Volunteering can make a large difference for high school teams. Coaches almost always appreciate parents who are willing to go the extra mile in helping, and those parents who come with ideas are invaluable. High school teams thrive with the right help and support, and most of that support comes from the volunteers who serve the team.

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